05 June, 2006

Debunking Christianity: Is God Afraid of Us?

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I had the opportunity to take part in a discussion the other day, Debunking Christianity: Is God Afraid of Us? and opined that there were reasons why I thought that god had fear, although I didn't address the point if god was afraid of us. I couldn't think of any further commentary, and so left the discussion alone.

Until... I was listening to an older podcast today from The Infidel Guy and it struck me:

The first commandment.

Exodus 20:3: Thou shalt have no other gods before me.

And why is that? I thought this was supposed to be the one, the only, the original god. Is it saying that there are other gods but believers are supposed to do the worship-thing for this one only? Can they have as many as they like, but this one doesn't like it? Why shouldn't they have others?

What reason would this god have for the very first commandment? By this proclamation, the christian god has said that there are, or can be, other equally-valid gods. Whatever form these gods may take is irrelevant.

This leads to one of two conclusions:

1) If these other gods are "real" and just as powerful, etc. as the christian god then there isn't just one god.
2) If these other gods are from the imaginations of men, then the only reason that this commandment can exist is because, even in a state of being purely imaginary, these gods have as much influence as the "real" thing.

Both of these lead to one more conclusion:

If the god has forbidden that man can have other gods, then man's devotion to these other gods is a threat to the christian god: it would have a fear of mans' actions.

Therefore it would have a fear of man.


Blogger michael said...

even though I followed your line of reasoning, there are many other reasons beside those two, which lead to other conclusions also. A huge one could be just in the language itself. He could have worded it by saying, No IDOLATRY!

Ok. Now the whole judgment thing you got going changes completely.

Maybe it is a jealous thing, now that the Lord admits to having.

10:30 pm GMT  

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