12 June, 2006

Theocracy, 21st Century Style

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With the USA's administration's current predilection for fundamentalist christian values, it's not difficult to see the USA becoming as Iran, although obviously of a slightly different, perhaps more bitter, flavour.

What sort of elements make up a modern-day theocracy?

  • A ruling party made up of rich politicians overly influenced by religious zealots - check
  • Access to legal representation for some (alleged) crimes is restricted - check
  • Religious law overtakes common-sense (or even natural) law - check
  • Capital punishment is still in place - check
  • Those of alternate faiths (or none) are persecuted - check
  • Women, and their rights, are marginalised - check
  • Homosexuals, and their rights, are marginalised (at best) - check
  • 'Unfamily' attitudes are severely frowned up - check
  • Knowledge and science take a back burner to dogma - check
  • Intellectuals are treated as second-class citizens - check
  • Those who disagree with the ruling class are treated as traitors - check
  • Human rights are abused on a daily basis - check

I don't think I'll bother taking a look at Iran - it's pretty much the same sort of stuff.


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