17 June, 2006

Why I won't respect your religion (although you might be alright)

This article has now moved to nullifidian.net.

In the UK media recently, I've heard various people of faith saying that we should respect their faith, as that way lies the route to understanding, discourse and peace.

What stuff and nonsense.

What should I respect about your religion? That it wants to impose your theocratic values as law on the rest of us? No way. That your scripture is justification for a hate speech? Get real. That open and intolerant discrimination is rife and want anti-discrimination laws not to apply religious institutions? No chance. That forcing the indoctrinating of kids within the education framework is a positive endeavour? You must be kidding.

You, personally, may otherwise be a relatively decent and moral person and I may respect you for your actions. However, I think your religion does nothing but coerces the innocent through FUD (at best) and is a dangerously exclusive and manipulative cult (at worst).

That's why I will never respect your religion. You, however, I may want to talk to.


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